9th, 10th & 11th Jan 2014

Cultural Events

Solo Dance
If you have strong nerves and the right moves, this could be the right event to show off your groove! So get prepared and scorch the dance floor!!
Fashion Show
Do you find yourself as a style icon? Time to show your fashion skills.
Mr & Miss Integrity
This is the place where you have to scorch the ramp with your own abilities. Looks ain't just enough out here. You have to be strong, confident and of...
Bollywood Buzz
Which was the first Indian sound film? Who directed first Indian color movie? Thought you knew everything about Bollywood? Well..think again!
T-Shirt Painting
All the Picasso's and Michaelangelo's of the 21st century here is a chance for you to show your painting skills but with a little twist your canvas would be T-Shirt.
We always searching for provocative images that say something REAL about our subjects. The photographers are specializes in working with people whether that be one-on-one or documenting a corporate event. They use a wide variety of photographic styles to create unique and intrinsic images. So, show your talent and "CAPTURE WHAT YOU CAN CAPTURE"
Short Film
What more can catch a person's attention and influence people if not a movie? Use your direction skills to bring to light issues of the society.
Group Dance
Here is it – the golden opportunity for the dance frenzies to prove their excellence in their groove! Just grove with your group...
Rangoli is a traditional decorative folk art! Sparkle your ideas and let your thoughts be expressed in the play of decorative colors!